#TakeABreak and win a prize

You’ve been reading, writing, revising and now you’re in need of a time out, a distraction, something to divert your attention.

It’s time to #TakeABreak.

How about a puzzle?

Over the next few weeks, when you stop to grab a drink or snack, why not pick up one of our perplexing puzzles too? We’ll be distributing them on Levels 2 and 5, and replenishing the supply regularly.Screenshot of Instagram Story showing a Library branded mug, USB and post-it notes.

Or, perhaps Instagram’s your thing?

If so, check out the exciting competition we’re running with our colleagues at CitySport: we’re giving away prizes including Library Care Packages to help you through the exam season – answer the questions posted in our Stories and you could be one of the lucky winners.

Good luck everyone!


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