Online resources downtime – tonight

Just a reminder that for one hour, between 2am and 8am on 22nd November there will be no access to:

  • Login to online resources
  • Login to CityLibrary Account (including renewals, placing requests, paying library fees)
  • Book availability information from CityLibrary Search

This work is to upgrade our systems and resolve the recent problems that we have experienced with RefWorks.

Please plan your research and renewal of books around this time.

Library Staff Love #12: Drama Online

Here at CityLibrary we love drama. Not in a soap opera style showdown-in-the-Staff-Room kind of way, that never happens- no cups of tea have even been spilled in a fit of pique.

No, by drama I mean proper drama- plays, playwrights, the RSC, the Almeida; texts, criticism, performance and review. Only the other day one of my colleagues mentioned she had tickets to see Glenda Jackson as King Lear, which sparked a conversation about the wonders of live theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and seeing Angela Lansbury live on Broadway.

Drama Online

A love of drama is what led to this month’s Library Staff Love feature, as suggested by one of our Subject Librarians Catherine, who herself is no stranger to treading the boards.

Catherine’s pick this month is Drama Online and here’s why:

“It’s such a great resource to find plays and scenes for performance/rehearsals/workshops. It’s fairly easy to use and allows you to specify the genre and cast size or you can browse through the plays or playwrights and find works that way. Some plays / productions have a video recording you can watch (Shakespeare – Globe on Screen – is my fave!) if you prefer a bit of an escape from reading.”

As Catherine suggests, as well as a vast and ever expanding collection of texts, Drama Online also features multimedia content too. So whether you’re looking for inspiration, materials for your Arts research, or merely interested in learning more about your favourite works, access to Drama Online is just an IT Username and Password away.

(Thanks for your recommendation Catherine!)

Northampton Square library – level 3 update

Library Services have discussed the situation regarding the vandalised Pod study units on Northampton Square Library Level 3 with colleagues in Property & Facilities and furniture suppliers over recent days.

We have been assured that there is no damage to the electrical infrastructure around these units.   Evening and weekend access to Level 3 will be reinstated from Friday 18th November.    However, the damaged furniture units will remain out of use.    

Library users are reminded of their responsibility to respect the resources and facilities provided.  Please report any problems or concerns you have to a member of library or security staff.



Northampton Square Library Level 3

City Students’ Union recently met with the Director of Library Services to discuss the vandalism of Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library and the ongoing efforts to secure study space dedicated to Postgraduate Students.

The Director of Library Services has confirmed that there are still a number of Health & Safety concerns, including any potential damage to the power supply within the vandalised study pods.  A number of engineers have and will be onsite over the next week, to review the damage and carry out any work required to repair them.  The Library Service is working towards re-opening the floor to usual hours as soon as possible.  Furthermore, discussions around dedicated study space for Postgraduate students remains ongoing with the Senior members of staff throughout the University.

City Students’ Union and Library Services would like to thank students who raised concerns, issues and support on the situation. The SU and Library Services very much value feedback and are always willing to take it on board.

The Director of Library Services has assured the SU that the floor will be re-opened to usual hours once the concerns are minimised.


Online resources downtime – 22nd November

For one hour between 2am and 8am on Tuesday 22nd November the following facilities will be unavailable:

  • Login to online resources
  • Login to CityLibrary Account (including renewals, placing requests, paying library fees)
  • Book availability information from CityLibrary Search


This work is to resolve the recent problems that we have experienced with RefWorks.

Please plan your research and renewal of books around this time.

“Am now in the trenches for the first time, and it is d— cold.”

City, University of London was founded as The Northampton Institute, and over the years its staff, students and Alumni have sadly, like most people, been unable to escape the ravages of war.

Whilst academics provided training for members of the armed forces during World War II, local people sheltered in the basement as bombs fell. The Engineering Faculty facilities were used to produce munitions and communication tools during the First World War, and the Institute was involved in helping injured former service personnel following the conflict.

The Archive collection here at City contains records and images from the Institution’s history, and many of you will have seen the commemorative display on the wall of the College Building (opposite the Saddlers Common Room) as you pass through, which features photographs and stories from those times of crisis; events also well documented in the Student Union and Society publications of the day.

An Editorial from the Northampton Engineering College Magazine in November 1914 considers the dilemma of students at the time and reports on a Student Union debate concerning whether “students should enlist” or “students ought not to enlist” (they concluded they should). It then describes how the governing bodies, including the University of London:

“are making it as easy as possible for a student who enlists now to resume his studies again after the war, but it is doubtful whether after months of the glorious and free life of a soldier one could again settle down to the ceaseless poring over ponderous tomes which is so characteristic of our student life…”

In February 1915 the Editorial of The Northampton Gazette featured several appeals: one was for subscriptions to keep the publication going during those tough times, another was for correspondents to send in stories from the Front, and a third was asking soldiers overseas to send a postcard home confirming they had received their copies of the Gazette in the post. ‘Our Letter Bag’ featured some of this correspondence:

The Northampton Gazette 1915How time, hindsight and records from the past shed light on historical events, particularly those we remember on days like this.

Northampton Square Library Level 3

As a result of the wilful vandalism of study facilities, Northampton Square Library Level 3 will be closed from 9pm on weekday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday until the new year.

Library Services directed a significant portion of our budget towards improving the study facilities in Summer 2016. We expect City students to treat the resources and facilities provided to support your learning with respect.

As certain elements of the student body have failed to adhere to this reasonable expectation, we have taken immediate action. We hope this makes it clear to all library users that any misuse of library resources and facilities will result in serious consequences.

Resource of the month: Literature Online (LION)

What is Literature Online?

Literature Online is an online resource for the study and teaching of literature in English. It combines the texts of over 355,000 literary works with a vast library of criticism and reference resources.

Bob DylanWhat’s Included?

You can use the Complete Contents page to browse through everything included.

Searching Literature Online

Start your search by entering  your keywords into the Quick Search Box. The Quick Search will find all resources in LION related to a particular author, title of a work, or subject matter. Further refinements (e.g. by date or publication) cannot be done in Quick Search.

Literature Online

You can search Authors, Texts, Criticism or Reference by clicking on the options on the blue bar above the single search box.

Our Picks

Cambridge Companions to Literature – LION includes 220 full text volumes of the CambridgeCambridge Companions to Literature. Read full books online or save/print or email chapters.

Poets On Screen – The Poets On Screen Library contains 879 video clips of poets reading their own and other poets’ work.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Literature Online please contact