We’re excited to announce that students and staff now have full-text access to The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, The Lancet Psychiatry and The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

The Lancet publishes a series of world leading journal titles across a range of disciplines related to medicine, science and healthcare – and these 3 new additions to the collection mean CityLibrary users can discover even more information and globally impactful research via our website.

The Lancet Child & Adolescent HealthScreenshot of the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health focuses on all aspects of child health from birth to becoming young adults, featuring original articles, reviews and research with a strong emphasis on clinical practice.

The Lancet Psychiatry

Covering topics relating to clinical psychiatry, psychiatric disorders and associated mental health topics, The Lancet Psychiatry will be highly relevant for both nursing and psychology students, as well as researchers within the wider social sciences.

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Screenshot of The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Whether you’re interested in studying the effects of lung cancer, researching treatments for COPD, or exploring the science of sleep, you’ll find a vast amount of content in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine which specialises in publishing high-quality content related to respiratory medicine and critical care.

As well as finding articles from these publications appearing in your Library catalogue and database search results, you can log-in and browse each title directly via our Journals A-Z or using Browzine: simply log-in using your username and password when prompted.

We’d love to know your feedback on these titles so do post a comment or message us on Twitter.




2 thoughts on “3 new Lancet journals added to the collection

  1. How will the addition of these three Lancet journals to the collection benefit CityLibrary users in terms of research and learning? Tel U

  2. Thanks for your question Perhotelan, we hope that by adding these titles our students and researchers will have access to more relevant full-text articles from well regarded sources.

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