Month: September 2022

Media and Learning Conference 2022

Article on the 2022 Media & Learning Conference in Belgium by James Rutherford, Senior Educational Technologist and Project Lead in Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD). This report summarises what emerged from the 2-day programme. The Media & Learning Association – a not-for-profit association to promote innovation and creativity in teaching and learning through the use…Continue Reading Media and Learning Conference 2022

Top Tips to make your Moodle Module Accessible

Welcome back and a spring term update, One small change is that the Ally tool is now called Anthology Ally, previously it was called Blackboard Ally. This post is for staff designing and refreshing their Moodle modules, readying for the new academic year and new term. It has been compiled by the Digital Accessibility Project…Continue Reading Top Tips to make your Moodle Module Accessible

What I learned at the AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2022: Part 2

hands laid across a tree trunk

From 6-7 July 2022, I was lucky enough to attend AdvanceHE’s Teaching and Learning conference, hosted at Northumbria University in Newcastle. In this blog, Part 2, I will discuss the session I attended on peer mentoring. In Part 1, I talked about a session I attended on duoethnography. As I mentioned in my first blog…Continue Reading What I learned at the AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2022: Part 2

Wicked, wicked educationalist massive

Alt this activity card: Ask students to write alternative text (Alt-Text) for a provocative image relating to the subject. Encourage students to create a meaningful description and consider any assumptions and bias that may arise while doing this.

Last month, I was fortunate to attend and present at the Advance HE Teaching & Learning conference 2022 with my colleague Maria Kaffa, the rising star in our digital accessibility team. The overarching theme across all three days of the conference was on Enhancing student success through student engagement. I attended some sensational sessions, but…Continue Reading Wicked, wicked educationalist massive