Month: April 2018

Use images to attract readers like bees

I like to think of images in blog posts like flowers. They can attract your reader like bees. Once enticed the images can be used by readers to ‘dance’ about your wise words on visually oriented social networks. What images can I use? Photos There are plenty of images online that are free to use. However,…Continue Reading Use images to attract readers like bees

What do we really mean by “partnership work”?

(Illustration: Ada Jusic) At the Change Agents Network (CAN) Conference, “change agents” are any students and staff working in genuine partnerships with the aim of transforming the educational experience. While the 2018 conference encompassed presentations (from students as well as staff) on a range of partnership projects – in areas including  curriculum development, learning analytics,…Continue Reading What do we really mean by “partnership work”?

Sugar, cortisol, and me

As exam season looms, revision advice is a common topic of interest for a lot of students coming to Academic Learning Support one-to-one sessions. We tell them they need to ‘look after themselves,’ and this has to include eating properly, but what does that mean, and is there a diet that can improve their revision…Continue Reading Sugar, cortisol, and me

Getting Better: On Tech Bazaars in Aircraft Hangars (1/2)

Stephen Heppell on Bett Main Stage

2018 was my fourth year to attend Bett, one of the world’s largest educational technology trade events, and my third time as a speaker. This is the first of two posts, reflecting on the actual event itself and looking back on the session I convened as part of it. Setting the scene A comment often…Continue Reading Getting Better: On Tech Bazaars in Aircraft Hangars (1/2)

Copyright, technology and teaching

A few months ago I was honoured to find out I had been appointed to the Intellectual Property Office’s governance group, the Copyright Advisory Panel. This group is largely made up of senior representatives from the creative industries and I am the first member of the group to represent the higher education sector. The Panel…Continue Reading Copyright, technology and teaching

MoodleMoot 2018

Moodle 2018: Keynote presentation

  This year MoodleMoot took place in Glasgow. MoodleMoot is an annual event that gathers educators, technologists, developers from across Europe showcasing innovation, best practices, new ideas based around teaching with Moodle. In this blog post, I’ll share few trends and things that I learned by attending this event. This year’s conference focused on these…Continue Reading MoodleMoot 2018

Sky-diving from College Building clock tower


I’ve done some exciting things during my thirteen (and a third) years at City, but I think this just about caps the lot. It was just before my last appraisal meeting that the idea of jumping off a tall building first came to mind. I was a little bit early for the meeting (I just…Continue Reading Sky-diving from College Building clock tower