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Moodle 4 – Rolling over your content

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As you will have seen from our earlier posts, it’s nearly time for City to upgrade to Moodle 4, on 17th July. This blog post highlights how your current content in Moodle 3.9 can be rolled over into your new Moodle 4 modules. Rollover Tool The Moodle Rollover Tool allows all the content to be…Continue Reading Moodle 4 – Rolling over your content

Updating your Moodle modules

Audience: City University staff Moodle guidance The Educational Technology Team are continuing to update the Moodle guidance on www.city.ac.uk/edtechhelp/staff. This post highlights the guidance that you can use to help you develop your modules post-rollover. We have developed a guidance page with information on getting your modules ready for the new academic year. This page…Continue Reading Updating your Moodle modules