Moodle 3.2: Improved visibility of feedback for students

Improving the visibility of assignment feedback for students is our priority development for Moodle 3.2. In our Moodle usability sessions last term, students were asked to locate their feedback. We found that a number of students could not easily find feedback on assignments. Our Module Dashboard means that students go to the Assignment overview page and often stop there once they have seen their grade.

Example of Moodle assignment grades displayed from the Assignment link in Moodle 3.0

Students who access feedback via the link to Grades in the Dashboard still struggled to find feedback that is presented as uploaded marking records or online rubrics. To check if lecturers have uploaded a feedback file or completed an online rubric, the student must click on each individual assignment link and scroll to the bottom of the screen to view their feedback.

Example of grades and feedback for Moodle assignments displayed from the Grades link in Moodle 3.0

We had found that one of the great advantages of Moodle, the flexibility it provides to meet diverse grading and feedback requirements on assignments, was creating a challenge for students who were trying to quickly locate their feedback. The location of feedback varied, depending on how the feedback was provided. We sought to address this issue by providing quick and consistent access to all assignment feedback types.

Moodle 3.2 – Grades and Feedback report

The new Grades and Feedback report has been created in Moodle 3.2 to provide students with a much improved overview of their grades and feedback on a module, all in one place.

By selecting the Grades link on the Module Dashboard, students can see the different types of feedback received on each assignment type in one report. These include Moodle, Turnitin and Video assignments.

Example of Moodle, Turnitin and Video assignment grades and feedback displayed from the Grades link in Moodle 3.2*

Students can easily view their grades, feedback comments and any rubric comments from this view and if they have a feedback file they can open it from here. Turnitin assignments display a link to access the Turnitin feedback interface.

An overview of Moodle assignment grades and feedback on a module can also be accessed from the Assignments link on the Module Dashboard.

Example of Moodle assignment grades and feedback displayed from the Assignment link in Moodle 3.2*

If you are interested in a sneak preview of the Grades and Feedback Report please get in touch with the Educational Technology Team and we can provide access to our Moodle Development Environment. For more on what’s coming with Moodle 3.2, all of our posts are tagged as Moodle 3.2.


* Moodle 3.2 screenshots are taken from the development system and are subject to change before Moodle 3.2 goes live on 27June.

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